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Noise, Live, Victoria

The Root of Some Humor

Consistently quitting and re-starting seems to be my M.O. so I guess this would be...the third time. I suppose that I've restarted unnecessarily detailing shit about my life based on some trivial need to keep a solid memory because despite the fact that mine is rock-solid (you just wait), I can't seem to remember nothing but small things and Jeopardy! questions.

I've started watching The Comedy Network online because it has all the South Park episodes for streaming, but I can only watch them once before they become stale. There are some funny parts but mostly if you've seen it once, there's no point in watching it again unless you're at a party and no one wants to watch old Aqua Teen Hunger Force episodes, those motherfuckers. Bearing that in mind, I decided to see what else I might have missed in my blissful days of not watching cable, not that I'm morally opposed, the actual cable just won't reach the T.V.

I stumbled upon this:

Forever Typecast...

I honestly can't say what possessed me to start watching this. Maybe it's because Lewis Black, in stand up comedy form, is fucking untouchable in a sinister crank way. He reminds me of a grandfather you can't argue with, lest your ass get handed to you with a side of 'back in my day'. Truly a funny man, but for some reason anyone who touches the Comedy Network/Comedy Central gets cursed with a few mediocre laughs.   The Premise:  Black hosts a debate between two comedians arguing over who is more evil and who has a looser grasp as to what "evil" truly is.

Not even the comedic cutesy voice acting styles of Patton Oswalt can get more than some small laughs out of most people.  Therein lies the tragedy; Patton Oswalt and Lewis Black have proven to be harshly funny on an intellectual level the same way David Cross is on a political level (if you're still into Bush jokes).  To see them degrade themselves to shitty photoshopping and gag spots/candid street interviews.  It's like Proust for a communications student, but can't actually fully please either party like some sort of failed 3 way.  The intellectual feels patronized, and the simpleton feels condescended.  What laughs there are, are usually when the audience isn't laughing.  I mean really now, a guy wearing goofy glasses stopped being funny a while ago I think.



I really wish they had ran with it in a more direct way, but when you try to please everyone, you please no one (grey haired man, bitches).  What could have been potentially a good show with some valid arguments (Beer vs. Weed for instnace) has been ruined by everyone compromising their abilities of humor for the paycheque.  I guess they have mortgage payments too...


"The intellectual feels patronized, and the simpleton feels condescended."

ha ha ha
Noise, Live, Victoria

November 2008

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