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Noise, Live, Victoria

The power went out in my building today.

There were lots of nice notices up in my apartment elevators all this week and the week prior stating "THE POWER WILL BE OUT FROM 8:00AM TO 7:00 PM DO NOT CALL US FUCK OFF THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO". Luckily for me I had the day off, so I took advantage of a powerless situation (groan) and went downtown. My first order of business was sending off some CD's to people in the U.S. that I had made promises to (I do this a lot and never follow through). After that, the next goal was claiming a 500$ gift certificate I had waiting for me at The Brick. One agonizing bus ride to Langford: British Columbia's Nashville later and I had it in my hands. I'm bad with holding onto funds, real or imaginary; it's why I lose at Monopoly a lot. So I pose the question, what would you buy with a 500$ gift certificate. Me? I bought a digital camera. I needed one.

I have to justify myself somehow...

Despite the fact that I couldn't quite charge it at my apartment due to lack of power, I managed to work around that and hang out at a Starbucks watching a slew of standard Starbucks types run in/out while I read my copy of Lolita and kept a low profile. Once there was enough battery power in there I went to go get my stitches taken out.

Yeah, I had stitches.

Allow me to explain: last weekend was the annual Victoria Noise! Festival which, for me, was mostly a good hangout with old friends from Vancouver/Pacific Northwest and a good blast of harsh noise and power electronics. I got an opportunity to play with a good friend of mine, beat the shit out of a trash can, and scream at people about slaves. The second night, around midnight or so, I collided with a friend of mine who was performing. Literally, it was a head-to-head smash, with me being the weaker of the two, I opened up nicely. Five stitches later, I was back in time to walk my friends home.

Pre and post brutality, sorry mom...but I look pretty happy.

They suggested I wait until Friday to take them out, but scars are good, in a true fashion.  I have them still as a souvenir, I will most likely send them back to the man who cracked my eyebrow.  Noise dudes are all about obscure shit in packaging.  Look at your modern Anti-Records sometime, they can be pretty fucking intense.  Came back to my apartment, expecting to slowly crawl through the dark back to my sunlit apartment.  Turns out the power came back on around 4:30PM or so so, luckily nothing spoiled in the fridge and the "Xtra Hot" noodle box was still good and mouth destroying.  Today's moral: a lack of power creates newfound power.  Also, Starship Troopers is fucking retarded in a great way.


I'm doing my part!


Pass it on to your friends who like chubby bloody dudes and brazillian music.
Noise, Live, Victoria

November 2008

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